The Company

Ross Kopi  have perfected the art and science of the ideal kopi luwak. The world’s most rare and exclusive coffee is elusive and delicate, and our approach is the only way to combine consistently high quality with selectivity and sustainability.

Since 2009, we have sourced the finest beans, enrolled the most diligent and discerning farmers, collectors and craftspeople, and invested in new facilities and techniques to guarantee our wild kopi luwak coffee is worthy of its name.

The company was founded by Matthew Ross, who travelled extensively throughout Indonesia during his quest for kopi luwak. Only the right climate, terrain, soil, wildlife, farmers and traditional knowledge can combine to create Ross Kopi; it took years to discover their location in the remote Gayo mountains of Sumatra. Ross Kopi is the result.

Organic, halal, certified as wild luwak by the Gayo Coffee Protection Society and approved by the Speciality Coffee Association of Indonesia, Ross Kopi is recognised today as the pinnacle of wild luwak coffee.

↳ The civet cats food of choice

Wild Luwak Coffee

Kopi luwak  is a treasure of nature. It can be unlocked only through expertise, knowledge and passion for perfection. The location of the coffee trees, the wildness of the civets that roam there, and the process behind collecting, storing and monitoring the beans, make each batch an original. Time, place and craft come together, in parallel with the world of fine wines.

Ross Kopi only collects beans that have come from selected farms in the Gayo highlands, a remote mountain region of Sumatra. Here, the moist, cool altitudes, volcanic soil and steep slopes, create an ideal set of conditions for our coffee farmers, who collect the luwak left by wild civets roaming across from the nearby virgin forests.

We consider our team a family. Our farmers own small, family-run holdings on the edge of the forests, on land that has been passed down through generations. Their local knowledge and accumulated wisdom is used to locate the kopi luwak and treat it with respect, as only the artisan can understand.

From there, our professional collectors despatch the beans immediately for washing and storing at our processing base high in the mountains. Our beans do not need to travel far, preserving their delicate character, and allowing them to share moisture and decompress naturally. We employ a stringent 21-stage process of our own creation to guarantee each bean is certified wild, of the highest quality and traceable directly to the time and location it was collected. This gives us unparalleled understanding of terroir, climate and quality. A rare combination, for the world’s rarest coffee.

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Wild kopi luwak  begins with the unique properties of the Sumatran mountains. It takes human understanding and close analysis to hone this miracle of nature into a consistently perfect delicacy. Our tireless efforts to analyse and refine the processes behind creating Ross Kopi have led us to formulate a coffee that represents the pinnacle of luwak endeavour.

The location of our farms encourages a wider range of coffee varieties; some 20 different subspecies are browsed by the wild civets, along with the natural fruits that comprise the rest of their rich diet from the jungle. Within the civet, a unique enzymatic process takes place that leaves the beans with radically altered properties; only wild civets, with their free range, varied and organic diets rich in ripe fruits, are able to support this process to its truest extent.

Our farmers know the ranges of nearby civets and are able to identify, collect and store the beans for immediate collection. Under ideal circumstances, our beans can arrive at our processing base mere hours after dawn, preserving the integrity and flavour of the bean, which can denature as the day progresses. Once we have the beans, they are carefully inspected by hand to guarantee authenticity, washed in a natural spring water, and dried for up to ten days before being stored in a climate-stable environment for several months to develop a full, rounded flavour profile.

It takes over 50 passionate experts six months to bring each batch of Ross Kopi to completion, each member adding their contribution to this rare luxury; a coffee imbued with skill, precision and serendipity.

↳ Navigating the jungle with a local expert